What does unrelenting determination look like? Just ask Brittany Hunter. As a seasoned Independent Fashion Retailer, she knows exactly what it takes to not only survive as an entrepreneur—but to thrive as one. So we caught up with Brittany to see just how she got the spark that seems to never go out. Can anyone find it? If so, how do they keep it going?

Check out this week’s interview to see what happens when an unstoppable force, decides to go around all those immovable objects.


Hi Brittany. We’re excited for this opportunity to sit and talk with you today. Why don't you go ahead and tell us about yourself.

I'd love to! I am just a Utah girl by way of California. I met my sweet husband in Cedar City, where we both grew up. We currently live in St. George, Utah. We have two little girls, and then our caboose of a little guy. And yes, he’s  our favorite. Our family is the absolute best thing in the world.

How were you introduced to LuLaRoe?

I was introduced to LuLaRoe through my husbands cousin, Jennifer Davis. At the time, she was doing little girl dress parties and I would help her out. This was before DeAnne started LuLaRoe. Eventually Jennifer got burnt out and offered me the chance to pick up where she left off. And that's kind of where everything began.

In late 2012, DeAnne came through town and this time around, she brought more than little girl dresses. She had Maxi skirts and so much more. I didn't know what was going to come of it. I just knew it was an opportunity that I couldn’t pass up.

I didn’t know how long Maxi skirts would be in demand, but my thought was as soon as Maxi skirts go out of style, I'll call it quits. I was going to ride this wave for as long as I could. And then, all of a sudden, LuLaRoe started; and with it came new skirts, new dresses, new tops, and then there were Leggings. The product was there. It was being offered to me and I was happy in what I was doing. By the way, it still brings me joy when people purchase a piece from me. And so I just keep going. It was one of those things that worked out.


Walk us through a typical day in your business.

So there's no typical day, of course, right? But after I drop off the kids at school, I come home and get straight to work—answering emails, making posts, engaging with my customers on Facebook, and just putting outfits together. One of my favorite things about this business is putting together an outfit that lights up someones eyes—and they react like, "Oh my gosh, I could see myself in that." If I can put something together that makes a woman feel confident, makes her want to take a selfie, or stand in front of a mirror without closing her eyes, or resent herself, than I feel like I’ve done my job. That makes me happy. That's what this is all about for me—giving confidence to others. I try to create that on a daily basis for every customer that shops with me.

Okay, so I try to go live at least once a day between 11AM and 2PM Once my kids get home at about 3:30PM, that’s when I pretty much shut things off. I've been so blessed to be able to have my business run off that schedule, and receive what I need in that timeframe. So, I work hard until 3:30PM. I do the best I can in that timeframe. Obviously I’m not perfect, but it’s important to me to focus on my kids when they are home. My goal in life is for my kids to feel so loved at home, that they don't have to go anywhere else to get it.

So what brings you the most satisfaction in your business?

For me it’s feeling accomplished. I believe, as long as every night I can lay my head down and know that I've worked hard, put in my all, given one girl more confidence, and done everything I could—it’s that feeling that's  important to me. To look back at my day and know I've done all of those things brings me so much satisfaction.

Can you share your WHY?

My WHY is about helping people find confidence and happiness in themselves. I want people to look in the mirror and have confidence. I can’t help them with everything in their lives, but I can help them dress themselves. A big part of confidence comes from what you wear, how you wear it, and how you feel while wearing it.

I also want to help kids find confidence and happiness at a young age. I have a huge dream to someday open a boy's and girl's club in my town. They need one so bad. They need a place for teenagers to build confidence before they get into situations that can change their lives. Just like I want my kids to find love at home, I want the boys and girls in my town to find confidence in themselves. I want people to look in the mirror and just feel beautiful. As silly as it sounds, I can do that with my business.


As you've gone through this business, you’ve probably interacted with so many people. Do you have a memory where someone’s life was changed?

Oh man, there's so many. But while at a LuLaRoe training in Florida a while back, there was a girl that got super emotional when DeAnne stood up and said, "I want each of you to know how much I truly care about your success. And how much I truly love and believe in each and every single one of you.” This girl got up and bolted out the side door just bawling, heavy with tears. Myself and a few LuLaRoe Home Office T.E.A.M. members followed her to see if she was alright. DeAnne finally came back after she was done speaking, to see how she was doing. This girl told DeAnne that she never once in her life had been told that someone believes in her the way DeAnne did. And that was life changing for her.

To this day, she still messages me just to thank me for being there. Ya know, I didn't really have anything to do with it, other than being present for her. I believed in her, DeAnne believed in her, and that’s all it took to get her started. Since then, she has built this tribe of women, and has been a part of this life she never knew existed before that moment; because of LuLaRoe. And because she chose to show up that day, she found something in her life more meaningful than she previously had. It was incredible to witness that. That's one of many; but it was very, very powerful.

Would you be willing to share a person in your life that's shaped you the most, and what you learned from them?

A person that’s shaped my life the most is hard to say. But I think being raised on a farm and watching my parents figure things out is something that was huge for me.

For example, if a sprinkler broke in the field, my dad would challenge me to fix it. He’d say, "I want you to go fix it." and I'd be like, "Well, what do I do? How do I fix it?". He'd respond saying, "You have a four wheeler. It's full of tools on the back. Go see what you can do and figure it out. And then come get me when you know what the plan is.".

And that's how I was raised. I feel like that's what's totally shaped who I am today. Because every single day I wake up and I’m like, "Okay. How am I going to do this? And how am I going to make it better than what it was yesterday?". It’s shaped how I progress every single day. It was my parents influence on me.

How does somebody without much confidence start to believe in themselves?

Well, it starts with writing down who you want to be and what kind of person you want to become in your life. Because the second you write it down, the more true it becomes. Stop listening to other people trying to tell you who you are or what kind of person you need to be. It’s a process and you have to remind yourself all the time that you got this. That’s why you need to write it down. For me, I listen to You Are A Badass at least once or twice a year. What I love about that book, is that what matters most is finding what you love, what you're passionate about, what you believe in, and inching toward it day-by-day until you accomplish it. Believing every little step forward is progress.

Also, the trials and the hard things we go through are there so we can make it out the other side more confident. They are not meant to make us smaller. So embrace your trials with the perspective that they are for your personal growth and to also help other people that go through the same things as you. I think about Spartan races, where you crawl through mud and climb these hills that are super muddy. And the only way to get up the hill is to literally have somebody at the top. You have to get that one person who gets to the top. Then that person starts pulling other people up. You are a badass—you have to believe it. To build your confidence, you have to begin “reaching up” for somebody at the top and start believing in yourself. It’s not that it happens overnight, so don’t lose hope—you got this!

You obviously are a person with momentum, so what does the future look like for you?

Well, having my kids growing up, working my business with Ryan, traveling, and taking whatever life might throw at us as it comes. I think just showing appreciation and having the freedom to experience life to its fullest, is exactly what LuLaRoe was built on. So I'm excited about the future and what it holds. So excited. I choose to be part of LuLaRoe because of that.

What advice would you give yourself when you were first starting out as an entrepreneur?

I’d tell myself to write down what it is I want, and then truly believe that I could accomplish it. I also wish I would've invited more people to join my team when I first started in this business and to just continue to share, and not worry about what other people thought. This business grew because people shared the blessings that come into their lives from their businesses.

Is there anything else that you would like to share with those reading this?

Believe in yourself. The number one thing, no matter what you do in life—you have to believe in yourself; it's never meant to be easy, and you're meant to fail. The second you realize that, the second you accept that you’ll fail at things and have bad days, but not give up—you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to. You learn, you grow, and you progress. So take those days, those awful days, whatever might be happening—whether it’s your kids, your family, your business—and don’t give it too much influence over you. Because no matter what you pick up, whether it's LuLaRoe, being a hairstylist, a makeup artist, or whatever it might be—the more you stick with it, the more successful you'll be.

Just know, the second you give up, means you're done.


What has been inspiring you lately?

Amazing inventory from LuLaRoe, so I can make people feel confident and excited to get up and get dressed in the morning.

What are you reading right now?

High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard.

What makes you the happiest?

Being outside hiking or at the lake with my kiddos. I love living in Southern Utah!

What shows are you watching on Netflix?


If you could be an animal, what animal would you be and why?

A horse—I love their power and how they read people.  

What is your favorite candy bar?  

I have a hard time picking a favorite. Snickers, if I had to choose.

What keeps you up at night?

What I can do tomorrow to hit the ground running.

What do you do to fill your cup?

Headspace meditation helps me take time for myself to reset, as well as  get a good workout.

What is your personal philosophy in life?

Focus on a solution, not the problem.

If you could make one change that would have the most long-lasting impact on your life, what would it be?

Go to a Tony Robbins event.

Without thinking too hard, what are the 5 things you can’t live without?

Gym, swimming, my husband, my kids, my home.

What musician, band, or album are you listening to the most right now?

Song—Cake by Flo Rida & 99 Percent (your welcome 😉). I LOVE the band Oh The Larceny.

What do you do for fun? Hobbies? Family activities?

I go to the gym, as I am training for a 1/2 Iron Man in May and I love lifting weights. We love to go boating and hiking as a family.

What one piece of advice would you like to leave with the readers?  

You can truly do ANYTHING if you have passion, believe in yourself, and NEVER give up. When it’s hard, find out what you learned and keep going; and then help others as they go through hard times.