Behind the Scenes with the LuLaRoe Content Creation T.E.A.M.

 Creating Magic All Day, Every Day!


To be able to create content for a living is a dream. A dream that’s beautiful, complex, exciting, and ever-changing. In recent months, we (the LuLaRoe Content Creation T.E.A.M.) started doing what we affectionately call ‘mini shoots,’ where we assemble a small group, head out, and create!

We do these shoots once a month to keep our content fresh, to showcase what’s new, and to show off the infinite ways to style the LuLaRoe Collection!

Last month when we sat down to plan, we knew we HAD to highlight our neon Leggings. When we have our planning sessions we focus on theme and location selection. Because neon Leggings was our product focus, color blocking was the natural choice for our theme!


(in smaller font underneath) To put these looks together, we decided to go with a solid look from head to toe. We knew these looks would look incredible with the location.

Once we knew our theme, it was time to choose location! And we had our eyes on Salvation Mountain for a hot minute, and this was the perfect opportunity! Salvation Mountain is in the California desert area of Imperial County. It exceeded our expectations beyond belief and we were so thankful to shoot on such historic, beautiful ground.


A few tips we just had to share! When you go on a shoot:

  • Don’t run out of gas at 11PM (This literally happened)

  • Bonus tip: Give your car a second to absorb the gas before freaking out.

  • Bring plenty of snacks.

  • Be flexible! One of the locations we went to was insane in the membrane beautiful, but the wind was crazy, so we moved on!


We had such a blast at this shoot and loved sharing this behind the scenes look with you! Let us know what you think and what kind of content you want to see from us! Until next time. ❤️