Dayton Tornado - LuLaRoe Retailers Restore Hope


Over Memorial Day weekend, 19 tornadoes ripped through Dayton, Ohio and other neighboring communities, leaving thousands of residents hopeless, homeless and broken. Without hesitation the local LuLaRoe Retailer Community united in a big way, gathering over 5000 pieces of clothing to help brighten the lives of those affected by this disaster. 

Two months following this disaster relief event, there was still more that could be done to lift those in need. Seeing an opportunity, Mark & Deanne openly deployed a shipment of 5000 additional brand new pieces of clothing. After partnering with LuLaRoe, these Retailers united once again, clothing over 200 women in just a few hours. Nicolette Winner, Danielle Stevens & Betsy Tahy share their experience and passion behind this inspiring act of LOVE. 

Every day the Retailers and customers within the LuLaRoe community are changing lives through acts of service both big and small. We are here for any family that needs strengthening & any life that needs to be improved.