By Jesica Naval • MOTIVATIONAL  December 11th, 2018 • 2 Min. Read

By Jesica Naval • MOTIVATIONAL

December 11th, 2018 • 2 Min. Read



How do you do?

We are LuLaRoe, and WOW—it’s so nice to meet you! In the span of five years, we evolved from a clothing company, into an incomparable community with an unmatched energy; energy that makes you go WOW! Welcome to Wow Energy!

I can tell that we are going to be friends

Each of us has a point of view that needs to be heard, and that’s why we are here! We believe in learning from one another, and celebrating one another’s successes. Sharing personal records and living by the credo “knowledge is power”, which has become the backbone of this blog. You’ll hear from T.E.A.M. members of Home Office, Independent Fashion Retailers, and industry experts with incredible stories; all while and taking away nuggets of information to carry into your lives and small businesses. Being a friend of Wow Energy means you’re looking to learn, be uplifted, and of course... have fun!


Walk it, talk it

One of the best things about each of our perspectives, is that they are different! Knowing this, there will be times we may not see eye to eye on a certain topic, and that’s more than okay! Let’s have a convo and talk it out! Because no matter what, we are all filled with love and understanding.

The future is real bright

We can barely contain our excitement for Wow Energy to be the spot where you come for advice, tips, positivity, and all of the fun! We look forward to one day expanding into a multimedia blog and shining a light on all of your beautiful experiences.

WE! 😊

We cannot be without you, and we are elated to have you here with us. Because together, we are WE!


Jes is part of LuLaRoe Home Office and when she is not writing awesome articles she’s a self-proclaimed Pop Culture Coach to her friends and plays with her cat, Gizmo.