Jennifer Manning and Operation H.O.P.E.


On this Fundraiser Friday, we are highlighting Jennifer Manning’s incredible efforts for raising funds for the victims of the El Paso shooting. Living in El Paso and being a part of the community, this clearly hit way too close to home for Jennifer. Knowing that she needed to do something to help, she decided to host a fundraiser for Operation Hope. 

Jennifer shares, “We are a military family that just moved to Fort Bliss last year. This area has filled me with such great friendships and kind people. When the shooting happened, we live only a couple miles away from where it happened. It was too close to home for us as we shop there frequently, amongst many of our friends in the area. It was scary waiting to hear back from everyone that they are okay and weren't there at the time of the shooting. 

It feels amazing to be able to give back to our community and do something so much greater with our businesses.

The way the El Paso community came together was incredible during such a tragic time. Everyone knows everyone here and it is such a friendly, tight-knit, and welcoming community. I, of course, wanted to do what I could for this community. I reached out to our EL Paso Consultant page to see what other Retailers would be interested in joining these efforts. There were five of us who all together hand-in-hand ,and raised as much as we could because #WeAreLuLaRoe. 

I found Operation H.O.P.E. while doing a Google search for foundations that were heavily involved in El Paso. They are a family based non-profit who all have full time jobs and they run Operation H.O.P.E. as a family unit. Meeting them in person was phenomenal and hearing everything they are doing for the shooting victims and their families. They have helped to fund every victims funeral along with the process of fixing-up homes for the victims who of the shooting. Some may not be able to walk for awhile, if ever again, and they are helping to remodel their homes to be ADA compliant by building ramps up to their houses, along with rails in their bathrooms, etc. 

It feels amazing to be able to give back to our community and do something so much greater with our businesses. I feel blessed and honored to be able to give back this way and love this LuLaRoe community, and what it has done for our family and communities so much! It is far more than just selling clothes. It is the positive vibes, friendships and the freedom it has given to our family. I am honored to do such great things with LuLaRoe, my small boutique, and Operation H.O.P.E. was beyond grateful for the fundraising money. This  fundraiser didn't just fill my cup full, but it overflowed with gratitude and being blessed beyond measure.”