Last week, we had the pleasure of introducing you to an incredible fundraising story on Kids in the Congo. Nicole Donahue partnered with Lynne Brouillette and was able to raise funds for Lynne’s organization by hosting her own event and using LuLaRoe’s match program. This week, we wanted to share more on Nicole and the incredible efforts she is doing to bring awareness to her customers favorite causes. 

Nicole has been a LuLaRoe Retailer for three years and has experienced all the ups and downs that come with the world of entrepreneurship. Feeling like she needed to take her business to the next level, she was thinking and thinking of what she can do to continue making her business feel meaningful to her and her customers. Attending LuLaRoe’s annual convention, VISION’19, she heard an inspiring story from a fellow Retailer and instantly had her lightbulb moment. After her three day trip and heading home, Nicole began to dive in and ask her customers what types of organizations they were passionate about. 

Responses began coming in and Nicole was in awe of how much her customer base wanted to give back to their communities. She reached out to those who responded and asked if they would like to hold a fundraiser with her, and the journey began from those simple conversations. Guaranteeing her clients a minimum of $100 dollar donation to their cause, in addition to the LuLaRoe match program, Nicole has found herself booked with fundraiser events through November!


Being a veteran and a strong advocate for mental illness, Nicole knew her passion always lied in being able to bring awareness to specific causes and help others to reach those who are also passionate about giving back. Finding her passion and motivation to use her business as an outlet to do this has left Nicole motivated and excited to help those around her.