’60s & ’70s Inspired Vintage Americana Capsule Collection for

Women, Men, Tweens & Kids

Corona, Calif., (May 15, 2018) –– American Dreams, the latest collection from LuLaRoe, is a modern vintage collection that pays tribute to the ’60s and ’70s. With over 400 unique pieces of art, represented in twenty styles for women, men, tweens and kids—including five brand new styles—there’s something here for everyone to love. Click the link to view the lookbook!


“American Dreams pays tribute to the spirit of love, freedom, family, community, and the rock anthems that were the soundtrack of the era," says Justin Lyon, Chief Marketing Officer for LuLaRoe. “The collection will also introduce five new, highly anticipated styles: the unisex Jax and Jane, the Michael and Bud for men, and the Thor for kids.”

"American Dreams features nostalgic sixties and seventies vintage washes and center front hits, reminiscent of your favorite band T-shirt,” says Patrick Winget, Chief Merchandising Officer for LuLaRoe. “The retro-inspired prints are meant to fade over time for a sun bleached vibe, with new-to-LuLaRoe fabrications—including French terry, tri-blend, old school sweater knit, and crepe fabrics.“

American Dreams will be available to Independent Fashion Retailers nationwide on May 15, 2018. With prices starting at $23 and sizes ranging from XXS-3XL, you will not want to miss out on this limited collection. To learn more about American Dreams, visit and be sure to join us for our Fashion Show via Facebook Live on May 15 at 2 p.m. PDT.

Join us as we usher in American Dreams through nostalgia and fashion— because freedom never looked so good. Follow @lularoe and hashtag #LuLaRoeAmericanDreams


Nikki Santillana

PR Manager


About LuLaRoe

2018 marks the Fifth Anniversary of LuLaRoe, a pioneer in social retail and one of the fastest growing apparel brands in the U.S. Founded in Corona, California in 2013 by working mom DeAnne Stidham and her husband Mark Stidham, LuLaRoe brings together tens of thousands of Independent Fashion Retailers who seek the freedom of an entrepreneurial lifestyle through sales of comfortable, affordable and stylish clothing in unique, exciting, in-person and online pop-up boutiques. For more information please visit, and on Facebook,  Instagram and Pinterest.





Event proceeds to benefit Festival of Children Foundation, a national nonprofit that improves the lives of children by strengthening nearly 500 charities that serve them

Signature pieces from the new LuLaRoe 2018 Americana Collection to be unveiled


CORONA, Calif., April 11, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- LuLaRoe, one of the largest social retailers in the U.S., turns five this year — and the apparel brand will celebrate with Independent Fashion Retailers and consumers nationwide. Celebrate 5 brings together visual and art installations, music, food and LuLaRoe Celebrate 5 limited edition merchandise — all culminating in a quintessentially LuLaRoe dance party. Celebrate 5 entrance fee proceeds will benefit Festival of Children Foundation, with funds raised in each of the five host cities directed to one of the organization's local, non-profit partners that seeks to improve the lives of children.

LuLaRoe Celebrate 5

LuLaRoe has seen incredible growth while still in its infancy, through a formula that has disrupted traditional retail sales. By empowering tens of thousands of Independent Fashion Retailers through a combination of in-home Pop-Up Boutiques and social media live sales, the company's entrepreneurial business model has put $1 billion into the pockets of these independent business owners in 2017 alone. 

Since May 2013, LuLaRoe co-founders and husband/wife duo Mark and DeAnne Stidham have been redefining the apparel industry, with a focus on creating women's, men's and youth offerings designed in small batch prints and patterns to create a "unicorn search" among consumers seeking their limited edition favorites. The brand's popularity is tied to the creative design of each style to complement all body types and sizes, with a product that caters to the growing modest fashion movement — a market segment that is estimated to reach over $400 billion worldwide by 2019. Along the way, the duo and several of their adult children and spouses have traveled the world, conducting extensive business training and educational programs that have paved the way for thousands of first-time entrepreneurs to build their own small businesses.

"Mark and I are so excited to celebrate five years of LuLaRoe," said DeAnne Stidham, president and co-founder of LuLaRoe. "As parents and grandparents, we started this business with a dream and a commitment to strengthen families and communities by creating opportunities for others to become entrepreneurs and achieve their dreams. We are traveling the country once again to celebrate everyone who has worked so hard to build LuLaRoe. This is a chance for us to look back on LuLaRoe's exciting history, have fun together and share in the excitement of the future."

"We are so grateful and appreciative to LuLaRoe for bringing attention to the causes of children's charities across the country," said Sandy Segerstrom Daniels, founder of Festival of Children and leading Southern Californiabusinesswoman and children's advocate. "Supporting the missions and dreams of five, very worthwhile charities in the Festival of Children Foundation network is a tremendous and extremely generous way to celebrate a fifth anniversary!"

Celebrate 5 kicks off with the unveiling of the LuLaRoe 2018 Americana Collection, along with four different styles revealed at each of the five stops, a chance to win prizes and giveaways from the Americana Collection, and special anniversary products. 

The complete #LuLaRoeCelebrate5 party schedule:

Each exclusive charity event is open to LuLaRoe Independent Fashion Retailers and their guests, with proceeds from the entrance fee benefiting Festival of Children Foundation and its member charities. Founded in 2003 by Sandy Segerstrom Daniels, Festival of Children Foundation is a leading Southern California business professional and children's advocate, and is dedicated to improving the lives of children by strengthening the charities that serve them. 

The LuLaRoe anniversary love will be shared all year long with the hashtag #LuLaRoeCelebrate5. To shop LuLaRoe's new styles, including the 2018 Americana Collection (release date: mid-May 2018) please visit our map to find a Retailer near you. 

About Festival of Children Foundation
Founded in 2003 by businesswoman and children's advocate Sandy Segerstrom Daniels, Costa Mesa, California-based Festival of Children Foundation is a national, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that serves to bring together a diverse, national community of children's charitable organizations to collaborate, access resources, share knowledge, focus their efforts, and ultimately work together to improve the lives of children. With committed funding covering 100% of administrative expenses, every dollar raised by the organization goes directly to helping these charities thrive through innovative programs and services, including free professional training, financial support, and programs and events to help raise awareness and funds for individual missions.

Festival of Children Foundation has built a network of nearly 500 charities across the nation that serve millions of children each year, each with a diverse mission yet with a common goal of improving the lives of children. The foundation is also behind National Child Awareness Month, a U.S. Senate-based designation serving as a rallying call throughout September to U.S. children's charities, their benefactors and supporters, and the public to set aside their individual agendas to raise awareness and inspire action for all children's causes.

About LuLaRoe
2018 marks the Fifth Anniversary of LuLaRoe, a pioneer in social retail and one of the fastest growing apparel brands in the U.S. Founded in Corona, California in 2013 by working mom DeAnne Stidham and her husband Mark Stidham, LuLaRoe brings together tens of thousands of Independent Fashion Retailers who seek the freedom of an entrepreneurial lifestyle through sales of comfortable, affordable and stylish clothing in unique, exciting, in-person and online pop-up boutiques. For more information please visit, and on Facebook,  Instagram and Pinterest.





We are deeply saddened and disappointed to announce our decision to end our relationship with the National Down Syndrome Society. Our company and the Independent Fashion Retailers have embraced the NDSS and its important work, and have enthusiastically supported the organization’s efforts over the past year.  

Regrettably, a LuLaRoe Independent Fashion Retailer exhibited unacceptable and insensitive behavior during a live sale, which understandably offended viewers as well as everyone at LuLaRoe. His bad judgement in no way represents the beliefs and character of LuLaRoe or Independent Fashion Retailers.  

Immediately after his sale, the Retailer posted an apology, which is available below. He also reached out to NDSS and said he and his wife have agreed to use the incident as a learning experience and expressed his intension to focus his business on support for the organization and its cause.

After speaking with the Retailer at great length, we believe his apology is sincere and accepted his assurance that this type of behavior would never happen again. We are also using this unfortunate incident as an opportunity to redouble our sensitivity and tolerance training efforts and policies for Independent Fashion Retailers.

Unfortunately, NDSS leadership is unwilling to accept the Retailer’s apology and has informed us that unless we terminate his contract with LuLaRoe, the organization will no longer associate with us. We do not believe the most productive response to his actions, which he has fully apologized for, is to close his business and threaten his ability to provide for his family.

This fundamental difference in how we view education and awareness initiatives – joined with our commitment to not fight intolerance with eradication – ultimately contributed to our decision to end this relationship. The culture of LuLaRoe and the opportunity to continue to improve lives and strengthen communities through strong principles of acceptance and education will remain among our highest priorities. 

This incident will not lesson our commitment to playing a positive role in raising awareness and contributing to Down Syndrome causes. We wish the NDSS continued success.








CORONA, Calif., Sept. 8, 2017 -- LuLaRoe, one of the fastest growing apparel brands in the U.S., has tapped social media entrepreneur and author of The Social Organism Oliver Luckett as Chief Social Retail Architect. In this role, Luckett will support in the creation of best practices, training, education and new sales channels and tools for Independent Fashion Retailers and help accelerate and more efficiently execute the company’s Social Retail business model. The Social Business retail model has helped LuLaRoe achieve more than $1.3 billion in annual wholesale revenues in just over four years. Luckett will report to Art McCracken, LuLaRoe’s Chief Communications Officer.


Established in 2013, LuLaRoe is redefining the way apparel is sold. LuLaRoe’s comfortable, affordable, stylish clothing is sold through LuLaRoe’s network of more than 80,000 Independent Fashion Retailers in unique, exciting in-person and online pop-up boutiques, creating a personalized shopping experience for consumers across the U.S.

“DeAnne and I started this business with a dream and a commitment,” said Mark Stidham, co-founder and CEO of LuLaRoe, “to bless lives and strengthen families by creating opportunities for Independent Fashion Retailers to build their own small business and have the freedom to create financial independence. LuLaRoe’s success is directly attributed to the individual successes of the Independent Fashion Retailers. As LuLaRoe continues to grow and refine systems and operations to serve the Independent Fashion Retailers while continuing to define and pioneer the Social Retail business model, we are so excited to have Oliver Luckett joining our team. Oliver brings his vast experience and knowledge along with his passion and commitment to helping us use best practices across varied social platforms.”

“When I got the call from my friend, Justin Lyon, LuLaRoe’s Chief Marketing Officer, I was blown away by the company’s phenomenal story,” said Luckett. “As I dug deeper into the culture and the opportunity that LuLaRoe has shared with America, I was moved by the strength of this business. LuLaRoe has a strong set of values, defined by family, economic empowerment and freedom, making people feel beautiful through art, which instantly resonated with me. My team and I plan to share what we have discovered in LuLaRoe with the rest of the world, helping to aid this passionate and successful network of retailers to reach their potential within the social ecosystem.”


Luckett is a Graduate Professor at Reykjavik University, teaching social media storytelling. He is the CEO of ReviloPark, based out of Reykjavik, Iceland and Los Angeles, CA, a cultural accelerator. Luckett was co-founder and CEO of theAudience, where he led an international team to capitalize on the exponential growth and influence of social-media networks and deliver a more compelling, authentic experience for both consumers and for major brands and celebrities. He also co-founded DigiSynd, a social media content distribution company that was acquired by the Walt Disney Company.

Outside of the office, Luckett has served as executive producer of Transcendent Man and Sweet Micky for President and was featured in the PBS/ Frontline documentary Generation Like. His first book, The Social Organism, co-authored with Michael Casey, is a best-seller and was published by Hachette in November 2016.

Luckett lives in Seltjarnarnes, Iceland, where he is actively involved in the country's burgeoning art, sustainability, and political scenes as chairman of EFNI, ehf. and chairman of the non-profit, humanistic art and nature foundation, Best Peace Solutions.


LuLaRoe is one of the fastest growing apparel brands in the U.S. Founded in Corona, California in 2013 by working mom DeAnne Stidham and her husband Mark Stidham. LuLaRoe’s comfortable, affordable and stylish clothing is sold by more than 80,000 Independent Fashion Retailers in unique, exciting in-person and online pop-up boutiques. LuLaRoe’s varied styles and patterns make the brand attractive to all types of consumers, whether they’re looking for the perfect style to transition from work to a night out, a way to dress up their every-day leisure look, or are on the hunt for their unicorn leggings. Pieces are designed to mix, match and layer. For more information visit





Dear Retailers,

Over the past two weeks, the Home Office has been addressing many questions regarding our decision to end the temporary special waiver to our Returns on Cancellation of the Agreement policy introduced earlier this year. We’ve heard plenty of frustration, primarily from those cancelling their businesses. With that, we would like to take this opportunity to clear up any confusion and misinformation.   

First, we’d like to share some background.

In March, we were hearing from some of the Independent Fashion Retailers that their businesses were being negatively impacted by other Retailers who were selling below MAP as part of their going out of business sale. It was perceived that these going out of business sales created an uneven playing field for those Retailers who remained committed to growing their businesses.

To address this, we introduced a temporary waiver allowing departing Retailers to sell back their remaining inventory on hand for 100% of the wholesale cost and to have shipping and handling paid by LuLaRoe. The intent was to help already inactive Retailers as well as Retailers with an interest in pursuing other business opportunities to transition even easier and to help reduce the number of going out of business sales.

This waiver, in place from April to September to address this specific issue, was never intended to be permanent. We decided to end the waiver when it became evident that a good number of Retailers were abusing the program by returning product in extremely poor condition and providing inaccurate claims, as well as a Retailers using it as temporary solution to struggles in their business.

So our longstanding Returns on Cancellation of the Agreement policy, which we believe is generous, remains unchanged. We continue to reimburse Retailers 90% of the net cost of the original wholesale purchase price of merchandise, with the common-sense conditions outlined in policy 3.16.3. Shipping is paid by the Retailer and we are honoring the terms of the waiver for any Retailers who have received email confirmation of a refund amount or those possessing valid return shipping labels, as of the waiver cancellation on September 13, 2017.  

Below are more details to ensure that our policies are clear. Regrettably, misinformation spread by a few has distorted the facts regarding the special waiver—as well as the continuing success of LuLaRoe and your business. We are stronger than ever, and we truly appreciate all that you do!




Returns on Cancellation of the Agreement Policy

  • The company has a longstanding policy of reimbursing a Retailer 90% of the net cost of the original wholesale purchase price. Various conditions apply. Some of these conditions include: the product must be purchased by the Retailer from LuLaRoe, it must be in resalable condition and it must be product purchased within the past year. Shipping and handling is paid by the Retailer. This policy, implemented in June 2015, is available in Section 3.16.3 of the Policy and Procedures

  • From April-September 2017, LuLaRoe provided a temporary waiver to the policy, allowing departing Retailers to recoup 100% of the wholesale cost of remaining inventory, and to have shipping and handling paid for by LuLaRoe

  • When the waiver period ended, LuLaRoe grandfathered those who either received an email confirmation from LuLaRoe of a refund amount due to them, or received valid return shipping labels from LuLaRoe, to receive the terms under the temporary waiver

  • LuLaRoe is working quickly to process remaining refunds. It is a complex and time-consuming process. Each piece returned is processed and inspected, and accounting must be confirmed. LuLaRoe communicates regularly with each departing Retailer and will continue to identify communication enhancements to those cancelling their business





‘We stand behind our products and the Independent Fashion Retailers!’


CORONA, Calif. — April 25, 2017 — LuLaRoe, the fashion brand with comfortable, affordable and stylish clothing that is sold by a national network of Independent Fashion Retailers, today reaffirmed its commitment to the quality and craftsmanship of its products by announcing its Happiness Policy aimed at ensuring that every consumer who purchases a LuLaRoe product is satisfied with their purchase. In addition, LuLaRoe is introducing the Make Good Program, to address customer expectations about previously purchased products.  

The Happiness Policy, available at, is a return and exchange policy for purchases that do not meet consumer expectations and is applicable for products purchased on and after April 25, 2017. The Make Good Program entitles consumers to a product replacement, credit, or refund for products containing a defect in materials or workmanship purchased between January 1, 2016 and April 24, 2017 from an authorized Independent Fashion Retailer. The Make Good Program is available for claims made no later than July 31, 2017.

“LuLaRoe’s enormous growth is directly tied to the happiness and satisfaction of the millions of consumers who love and buy LuLaRoe,” said DeAnne Stidham, co-founder and president of LuLaRoe. “We are committed to going above and beyond to ensure consumers are happy and satisfied to the greatest extent practicable. I know that we can’t always make everyone happy, but we sure are going to try our hardest to get there. I know firsthand the importance of generous customer service, and together we are going to work to make things right.”

DeAnne launched LuLaRoe with her husband Mark Stidham to inspire and motivate people to create their own independent business for the opportunity to achieve freedom and personal success. She started selling dresses 25 years ago through living room Pop-Up Boutiques as a single mother raising seven children. Today, DeAnne’s talent and drive to make her dreams a reality are an inspiration for the more than 80,000 Independent Fashion Retailers throughout the United States.

“Some people continue to have questions specifically about the quality of LuLaRoe leggings. We are sorry if we haven’t adequately addressed their concerns. We hope these polices will,” said Mark Stidham, CEO of LuLaRoe. We want everyone to be happy and believe they received a fair value from their LuLaRoe clothing purchase. We take pride in the quality of our clothing and value the happiness of everyone who interacts with LuLaRoe.”

Commitment to Consumer Happiness

LuLaRoe is committed to providing consumers with simple ways to return product purchased on and after April 25, 2017 that do not meet their expectations.

● As part of the Happiness Policy, consumers who are not completely satisfied or happy with their LuLaRoe purchase are able to obtain a full refund, credit or exchange* up to 30 days after their purchase by contacting the Independent Fashion Retailer who sold the product and providing their original purchase receipt.

● If at any time within 90 days of purchase the consumer is not completely satisfied or happy with their purchase, they can contact any participating Independent Fashion Retailer and provide their original purchase receipt to receive a credit or exchange*.

● Additional details are available on LuLaRoe’s website at Certain restrictions apply.

Ensuring High Quality Products

All LuLaRoe products go through multiple quality assurance checks before they are sold to Independent Fashion Retailers for sale to consumers. The company utilizes a series of efforts that include fabric processes to improve stability, as well as production applications such as a tensionless waistband application, texturized thread to strengthen seams and improve stretch, as well as improved elastic quality.

About LuLaRoe

LuLaRoe is a national fashion brand. LuLaRoe’s comfortable, affordable and stylish clothing is sold by a national network of Independent Fashion Retailers. Founded in 2013 by DeAnne and Mark Stidham in Corona, California, the company’s mission is to bless lives and strengthen families by supporting Independent Fashion Retailers to create freedom and serve others as their own business owners. For more information, including how to find an Independent Retailer or join the movement, visit



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