We sometimes forget to take care of the one thing that holds our day-to-day lives together…. OURSELVES! It is so important to make self- care a priority, because your physical and mental health are two of your most important priorities. You deserve some time to take a break from your busy schedule, reconnect with yourself, and take care of your mental health. To show you some examples of what we mean, read below and see which self-care option you’d like to implement into your life.

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Go outside

Nature is healing and has been known to relieve stress. Sometimes just going outside and getting some sunshine is a great way to calm down and recharge. 

* Ideas:  Go for a walk, have a picnic, or just take a seat at your local park to get some fresh air!



Taking care of your body and health is a large part of self care! Moving around helps produce all those happy brain endorphins you need.

*Ideas: Go for a run, practice yoga, or if you’re not a fan of exercising,  just blast some music, and have a mini dance party!


Do something nice for yourself

You work hard every day and it’s important to treat yourself with the loving kindness you deserve! 

* Ideas:  Write yourself a love letter, buy yourself a gift, or if you would rather save money, do something as simple as rewarding yourself an extra hour of sleep!


DIY Spa Day

Taking care of your body isn't just important, but it can be relaxing too! Take time to pamper yourself and feel beautiful!

*Ideas: Do a face mask, take a bubble bath, or give yourself a DIY mani/pedi.


Create something 

Doing something creative will allow you to relax a little and it also has the ability to inspire fresh ideas, which can help you take on the week with a new attitude and positive energy.  Even if you don’t consider yourself artistic, make something anyway! You never know… you may surprise yourself! 

*Ideas: Paint an inspiring picture, try out some creative writing, create an inspiration board, or just take time to style some new LuLaRoe outfits!

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Unplug/alone time 

Sometimes our lives are so busy, we forget to take some alone time to recharge without any distractions. Silence your phone and learn to enjoy your own company!

*Ideas:  Read a book, take a nap, or create a list of goals you’d like to achieve. Just remember to relax, slow down, and be present!


Remember that you are powerful and valuable. Put yourself at the top of your to-do list and the rest will fall into place. You’ll be more refreshed and more present to take on the week like the BOSS that you are! 

We would love to hear your tips on how you practice self care! Send them our way to