“This is what you won’t read online. or you won’t see in a YouTube video.”

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Katy Napier & Family

My name is Katy Napier and I sell LuLaRoe. I sell comfortable clothing to women that gives confidence and makes women feel beautiful. Let me tell you though, it’s WAY MORE THAN CLOTHES.

I want you to read THIS:

“LuLaRoe is an amazing community filled with incredible men and women. I recently learned of a “LuLa-sister”, who is in the beginning stages of a breast cancer battle. Tears, fears, and 100% chance of surgery. I’ve never met this woman, but I just knew something had to be done.

She questioned whether or not she should travel to an LuLaRoe’s yearly convention - VISION’19. She questioned whether she should surround herself with friends, joy, and laughter. Should she spend the money, even though she can’t work as much leading up to it because of doctors appointments, biopsies, and healing time?

In less than 24 hours, over $2000 was raised for this fellow retailer. Money was donated by men & women who have never met her and now her entire trip is paid for. No stress over funds! She can now enjoy a FUN trip before the major trauma before the cancer battle begins.”

This is what you won’t read online. This is what you won’t see in a YouTube video—this is LuLaRoe.

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Shannon Keavy & Family