This was my why moment!


 I started buying Lularoe after a friend gave me a pair of leggings. I was only allowed to wear black and white to work so my first purchase was an elusive black pintucked Carly. I started buying...a lot. Live shows were my entertainment. My whole family would sit and watch them with me. My husband was like "Why don't you think about selling?" But I brushed it off because at the time I didn't have a clear WHY.

We went to Disney in June of 2017. I was standing outside Coldstone Creamery eating a Coffee Lovers ice cream cone (YUM) when a man in a red car rolled down his window and yelled at me.

"Shouldn't you be eating a salad instead?"

My heart broke, I started crying, and threw away my ice cream cone. I told my family what happened. They were appalled. I was upset. Then it hit me. THIS WAS MY WHY MOMENT.

As soon as I got home I asked someone to sponsor me and I started my Lularoe journey. NO ONE should ever feel the way I felt in that in that moment. I'm a plus size girl. That doesn't make me better or worse.

But it does mean I am a person. I shouldn't be forced to only shop in special stores and be made to feel bad about it. I shouldn't have to hide behind dark clothes and cover my arms, and not show my curves. Who made those rules?Well whoever MADE those rules, Lularoe was breaking them and I knew I needed to be a part of that. I need to set an example for my daughter and show her that it's not the size of your dress, it's the size of your heart.

Lularoe has done so much for me personally. Gone are all the shapeless solid black frumpy dresses and they've been replaced with yellow Nickis, hot pink Carolines, tie dye Jills, and orange tank tops. I don't keep my head down when I walk and avoid eye contact. I smile and say hello to strangers. I've started making myself vulnerable and letting others in to get to know the real me.

I need to set an example for my daughter and show her that it’s not the size of your dress, it’s the size of your heart.
— Jen Holderbein

I was confident about 2 of my pillars - family & travel. I was struggling with the 3rd when I started getting messages. Like...a lot. Women of all sizes are thanking me for sharing my pictures and my style and my stories. Women have told me I inspired them to try something or I've helped them feel more confident. And that was my 3rd pillar. I want to help grow confidence and be some kind of role model for women who have spent too long not feeling good enough. I want everyone to know that they're enough.

Thank you for taking time to read my story!