We’re HONORED to share inspirational stories of LuLaRoe Retailers and Friends AS THEY SHARE some of their biggest fears and struggles, AND HOW thEY found strength and light IN THEIR COMMUNITIES TO gIVE them purpose and conquer.



I don’t think the BRCA testing was even around when my mom was sick. They have definitely made advancements with it so I really love to support anything that goes towards the cure.
— Ellie Bush
You just realize that every day you wake up still cancer-free and even when it’s not the best day, it’s still a day that you’re here. I don’t take that for granted at all.
— Heather Kemmelmeir
When you’re diagnosed with cancer, you find out who your friends really are.
— Bette Steele
Im going to do something I love that makes me happy because you never know what’s going to push you back.
— Leah Stracner
This has made me just want to go out and discover what there is out there rather than just wanting to sit at home. It makes me want to be a little more adventurous.
— Michelle Scrafton
It’s been good for us doing Lularoe because when I’m having down days or tired , I can still go do shipping or do things behind the scenes and she can be more of the presentable face of it. Rather than moping and being upset, it gives me an outlet to come out of my shell…. It encourages me to get up and get dressed for the day.
— Valerie & Melanie
When I was sick I made a vow that I would live my best life and that I wouldn’t take things for granted anymore. I think that was probably the biggest lesson that cancer has taught me…. that tomorrow is never promised.
— Amy Doughty
What really got me through after chemo was going to convention and being surrounded by team mates and positive energy.
— Stephanie Bailey
I think you are considered a survivor the minute you are diagnosed with cancer. You have to maintain that resiliency while going through treatment
— Maurissa Rosario
I have become a person who believes in so much more than just myself. I believe in others now. I trust people I never knew I can trust before because of this whole journey. It’s made me into this person I never knew I could be.
— Brandi Tolley
She worked all through chemo. She is a brave, strong survivor and someone to look up to.
— Alexandria Will
It’s kinda crazy to say that cancer connects you to people, but in the last month, that has been my experience.
— Shannon Keavy
If I have to die then I have to die. But I’m going to do everything I can to stay healthy, stay positive and to keep living.
— Deanna Adams
I feel like this has been given to me for a reason and maybe the reason is to just share with women to get that mammogram.
— Patty Robinson
I would work so hard to create for her but now she can do it for herself because we’ve kind of passed it on. Who knew that that would be the legacy of it.
— Pat Morris & Kim Cronin