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By Lisa Holloway • Retailer Business

December 11th, 2018 • 5 minute read


I have always had a strong belief in just taking it back to the basics and remembering WHY we all started our businesses in the first place. We need to bring back that excitement, the playful part of ourselves that adored being creative and trying to make our own way in the beginning. We've got to find a way to stop getting hung up on HOW we should do something and remember WHY we do any of it at all. BECAUSE IT IS FUN!

I'm really excited about some of these ideas because I think they are easily duplicatable, customizable, and (you guessed it) FUN! Like I said yesterday, it's not about reinventing the wheel or spending hours of our lives trying to come up with something that no other soul has tried before (that sounds EXHAUSTING), but more about realizing that throwing in a small twist to something you are already doing can be so fresh to your routine.

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Here are a few FUN example ideas: (Holiday edition)

Holiday Box: Instead of Grab Bags, do a Holiday Box instead. Go to the Dollar Store and purchase pretty (and CHEAP) gift boxes and fill them with your chosen "grab bag" LuLa item, candy, hot cocoa, fuzzy socks, recipe cards, a puzzle... Be creative! Top it off with Holiday colored tissue paper and VIOLA!

Game Night Live Show: Instead of your typical Trivia or Game Night Live show, do a Reindeer Games Live instead! Wear an Ugly Christmas sweater or a funny holiday headband and theme your games to match.

Hot Cocoa Social: Instead of your usual Pop-Up or Open House, have a Hot Cocoa Social, Sugar Cookie Decorating Party, or maybe even a Sip and Shop with Santa (make your hubby or your favorite friend dress as Santa, grab some wine and cheese and SHOP, baby)!

FaLaLaLaFunds: Instead of having a sale that your customers can earn "LuLaCash" to spend with you later, allow them to earn FaLaLaLaFunds (you gotta sing that or it's not as much fun)  that they can gift to someone else or get themselves a little something extra this Holiday.

Gift of Giving Sale: Host a Gift of Giving Sale and allow your customers to purchase pieces for you to donate to local schools, women's shelters, and other outreach centers and MATCH their donations. This means that you can clear out some old inventory that has been sitting for awhile, but the cost of the items are covered. We are doing this and I think an important part of this is to keep your group and active part. Show them when you drop the items off or as the rack of donation items grows. It builds community, trust and a whole lot of spirit.

LuLaRoe Scavenger Hunt: The Grinch Stole our LuLa Scavenger Hunt. Dress like The Grinch and go about your town (we are choosing to incorporate local businesses) and hide LuLa packages (wrap them pretty!) and give clues so that the local community can go out and find these prizes.

White Elephant Live: Try a White Elephant Live. Have customers prepay for leggings. Go Live and have customers play grouped together by leggings size. For instance, everyone that preorders OS would be in a Live game together. We would have as many OS prepackaged (pretty) as needed. Everyone that prepays would get a random number order.

How to play:

* Player number one chooses a present for you to open and we reveal the AMAZING leggings inside.

* Now player number two can choose to either choose a new package to open, or can steal player number one's package if they wanted them.

* When any specific package has been in a player's hand for the third time, that package is frozen and can no longer be stolen. (I am REALLY proud of this idea!) *

Silent Night Video: Do a Silent Night video and show pieces (quickly-ish) without speaking. Shhhh! ;)

I could go on for DAYS like this, so I'll stop there for now. ;)

For the less silly Retailer, I would urge them to still push to try new things or things they haven't done in awhile. Here are a few lovely actionable things you can do now to get going:

Personal Styling Appointment: Maybe try a Personal Styling Appointment (this is one of our BIGGEST sale types)

Live on Instagram: Try going Live on Instagram instead of just Facebook

Try a Take Over: Takeovers are fun, fresh, exciting, and a great way to bring new inventory to your customers.

Local Roots: Call local businesses in your town and be bold enough to ask if you can come set up in their store for a day.

Market With Leggings: Take Leggings tied up with candy and ribbons (and business cards!!!) EVERYWHERE you go! Give them out to service workers, other retail workers, postal service, bell-ringers, or just ANYONE that looks like they need a little love put into their day. This is your marketing dollars well spent and you get to make someone's day.

This is a time of GIVING. Of course we all need to produce income for ourselves, and call me silly, but I just believe that giving produces love and magic and we could all use more of that too.

Happy Holidays!